Thomas Arthur Vaughn Professor of Economics

Office: Morton 126 
Phone: (757) 221-2431
Fax: (757) 221-2390 

Alfredo Marvao Pereira received his Bacharelato (1976) and Licenciatura (1978) from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal, and his M.A. (1987) and Ph.D. (1988) from Stanford University. After teaching at the University of California at San Diego for eight years, he joined the W&M faculty in 1995.  He has served as consultant/advisor for the Commission of the European Communities, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, the Bank of Portugal, and the Portuguese Ministry of Finance. Alfredo's main research interests are public finance and economic growth but he has often ventured into development economics and urban economics.  His current research focuses on the effects of infrastructure development on economic performance and on social security reform, both in the U.S. and in the European Union.  His teaching interests include microeconomics, public finance and mathematics for economists.  He is currently working on two undergraduate textbooks for Prentice-Hall with Don Campbell.

Current Research:
  • Social Security and Economic Performance in the EU.  
  • Social Security Reform in Portugal  (with P. Rodrigues) 
  • On the Effects of Private and Public R&D (with R. Archibald).  
  • On the Regional Impact of Public Capital Formation (with J. Andraz)  
  • Public Investment and Regional Development in Spain (with O. Roca)
  • Housing and Transition to Endogenous Growth (with P. Brito)  
  • Econ 303  
  • Econ 435
  • Public Policy 606 
Selected Publications:
  • Housing and Long-Term Endogenous Growth, Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming. (with P. Brito).
  • Strategies for Tax Reform in Portugal in the context of the EMU, Review of Development Economics, forthcoming.  (with P. Rodrigues).
  • Public Capital Formation and private Investment:  What Crowds in What? Public Finance Review 29(1), 2001, pp. 3-25.
  • Is All Public Capital Created Equal? The Review of Economics and Statistics, 82 (3), 2000, pp.513-518.  
  • Export Growth and Domestic Performance, Review of International Economics 8, 2000, 60-73. (with Z. Xu)  
  • Public Capital and Private Sector Performance in the US, Journal of Urban Economics 46, 1999, 300-22. (with R. Frutos)  
  • International Transfers and Convergence in the European Union, Public Finance Review 27, 1999, 194-219.  
  • Testing Theories of Economic Fluctuations and Growth in Early Development, Review of International Economics 6, 1998, 638-48. (with R. Frutos).  
  • Foreign Growth and Domestic Performance in a Small Open Economy, Journal of  International Economics 43, 1997, 499-512. (with T. Osang).  
  • Import Tariffs and Growth in a Small Open Economy, Journal of Public Economics 60, 1996, 45-71. (with T. Osang).  
  • On the Budgetary and Efficiency Effects of Housing Taxation in the United States, Journal of Urban Economics 39, 1996, 68-86. (With Y. Nakagami).  
  • The Impact of Financial Integration and Unilateral Public Transfers on Investment and Growth in EC Capital-Importing countries, Journal of Development Economics 48, 1995, 43-66. (With V. Gaspar).  
  • On the Effects of Investment Tax Credits on Economic Efficiency and Growth, Journal of Public Economics 53, 1994, 437-462.  
  • Uptrading and the Macroeconomic Environment, Journal of Urban Economics 34, 1993, 1-23. (With Y. Nakagami)